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The Houston Turkey Trot is BakerRipley’s largest event, and for 26 years, thousands of families have made it a Thanksgiving tradition. Every year, we have the undivided attention of more than 15,000 participants committed to supporting BakerRipley’s mission to improve lives in this region.

The theme of Houston Turkey Trot 2018 is #HOUareStronger, a celebration of our community’s endurance following Hurricane Harvey and our determination to maintain our city as a place of opportunity, driving us all to become stronger, healthier, and happier.

This year, before you give thanks, give back. Register to race or make a donation today to help BakerRipley empower our neighbors to earn, learn, and belong.

About BakerRipley

Houston Turkey Trot benefits BakerRipley, formerly Neighborhood Centers, a local non-profit that has served this region for 110 years.

At BakerRipley, we connect families and individuals to opportunity so they can achieve the life they’ve imagined. Through our unique approach to community engagement, we work side-by-side with community leaders and residents to discover their strengths, craft a collective vision, and design programs and services that create greater financial stability, educational attainment, and community engagement.

We serve more than half a million people in the region and your support makes it possible.

By participating in Houston Turkey Trot, you help to keep this city a welcoming place of opportunity where everyone can earn, learn, and belong.

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